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Craft Room Makeover

10 Jan

I’m so excited to be in the new year and all the possibilities!  First, my wonderful hubby said I could redo my craft room and make it more user friendly.  How wonderful is he!?!?  He even went as far as to say we could spend a few hundred bucks on the space.  What?!?  Well, after the initial euphoria, I decided to use what we had and go from there.  So, ladies and gents…here it is (or at least the beginning) my craft room makeover on a budget!

Today (and a couple hours yesterday) was all about sorting through the junk I could see.  And rearranging.  Here are some before and afters:

Yesterday 1Before starting…ugh

Yesterday 2Before

Yesterday 3Last Before pic…I. Can’t. UGH.

As you can see, it was a mess.  And the hubs wondered why I didn’t actually craft in the craft room…

But I had some good pieces to work with.  A sturdy table for sewing.  Great shelf units that I customized (think spray paint and fabric).  And some other storage containers.  And like I said, I started by going through the junk I could see.  I threw away some things.  I moved our box of wedding stuff to the office to be stored in the closet.  I also moved all my stationary to the office and other random things like phone chargers, camera cords, etc.

I then decided how I wanted the room to function.  I moved my sewing table to the northwest corner, moved my shelving units to the north wall and added a folding table we had in the garage.  So far nothing spent.  Except some calories.  And I can spend a lot of those!  So, here’s where we are now:

Craft room 1I know, I know.  There’s so much more to be done.  But I have plans!

Craft Room 2Do you see all the windows?!?  It’s wonderful!

Craft Room 3It’s been great being able to start going through things and create a space I actually want to be in.

Stay tuned for more updates and how I’m saving money by using things I already have!  What a concept, right?


Pinterest Project 1

2 Jan

The first Pinterest project I decided to do is a 52 Week Money Challenge.  Set aside a dollar amount corresponding with the week of the year: Week 1=$1; Week 20=$20.  By the end of the year, we should have $1378.  How fantastic is that?!?!  What are we going to do with that money?  I have no idea.  But it’ll be great to have at the end of the year for whatever we decide.  Vacation, tithes, gifts.  The possibilities are endless!

Here’s what I did:

All the piecesAll you need is tape, a jar (mine still smelled like pickles), money, scissors, a marker, and the 52 Week Money Challenge printout.

52 Week Challenge PrintoutCut the printout to fit on your jar.  Then tape the printout to the jar.  Easy, peasy.

Challenge JarAnd we had $3 laying around, so I’ve already completed the first two weeks!

You can find the original pin here if you want more information.

Look at me, I’ve already started doing one of my goals for the year.  Here’s to figuring out the next 364 Pinterest projects!

2014: Whatcha got in store?

2 Jan

Oh, it’s that time of year again.  A time for hope, a time for setting goals, a time for feeling good about a new year starting.

Already into the 2nd day of January and I’m feeling hopeful about all the possibilities this year holds.  All the things I want to do.  All the things I want to see.  So, so many things…Let’s start with all the ramblings in my head…

There are the typical goals I want to achieve:

1. Lose weight

2. Read more

3. Spend more time with God

4. Save more money

Then there are the more personal goals:

1. Be healthy – body, mind and spirit

2. Learn new things

3. Do one of my Pinterest projects everyday

4. Write a children’s book

5. And of course, spend more time with you lovelies.

These are all completely attainable goals.  But how do we keep the high of setting these goals?  How do we remember what these goals are and do them everyday?  How do we roll into December 31, 2014 saying, “Hey, I had a great year!  Look what I did!”?  Because, lets be honest, most people don’t do any or very few of the goals they set at the New Year.  How do we become one of the few to succeed?  Let’s keep each other accountable and make 2014 great!

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