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Happy Spring!

9 Apr

Just a little something to brighten your day!

Happy FlowerThis is what I found after raking.¬† It was a wonderful little surprise! ūüôā

LincolnI just couldn’t resist putting in a cute picture of this happy dog.¬† He is so excited to be able to explore the front yard again.


Dining Room Makeover

18 Mar

Have you noticed a pattern yet?¬† No?¬† Well, I’m a bit surprised.

As I’ve said before, our house needs a good face lift.¬† And I’m so happy to share, it’s on its way.¬† We’ve done 1 guest room, our main bathroom, and our dining room.¬† These spaces (minus the bathroom) still need some decorating, but we’ve gotten the big paint jobs done.¬† And I had some great help with the dining room!

Dining RoomA quick reminder

Mom primingWoo-hoo for mommies!

Lincoln Painting 2And puppies!  Especially when they stay out of the way!

Lincoln Painting 1He wasn’t too impressed I woke him from his nap…

CeilingHad to get the ceiling too!

HutchAnd the hutch…

Painting DoneWoo-hoo!¬† It’s done!

Hutch DoneAnd the hutch!

It’s so much better than it was!¬† We’re so pleased with it and now we just need to decorate a little bit.¬† I’ve got some vintage plates to hang up and maybe get some art work too!

Painting FailAnd only one painting fail…oh well…

Pinterest Projects Week 4

29 Jan

Well, I can’t believe it’s almost the end of January.¬† Seriously, there are only two days left in the month.¬† Whoa, time flies when it’s below zero for half the month.

This week I’ll be sharing what I did this week and some others I may have missed along the way.¬† There should be about a week’s worth of projects to see.¬† So, without any other ramblings…

Chocolate Chip Cookie CakeChocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Beef Stew with Parmesan DumplingsBeef Stew with Parmesan Dumplings

Cheddar Jalapeno Turkey BurgersCheddar Jalapeno Turkey Burgers

Crock Pot Beef StroganoffCrock Pot Beef Stroganoff

Hot Chocolate OatmealHot Chocolate Oatmeal

Ravioli BakeRavioli Bake

Chicken YakisobaChicken Yakisoba

Skillet LasagnaSkillet Lasagna

There you have it!  The first few were done before, but the rest were done in the past week.  Sorry to make you hungry again.  I did have every intention of having some other projects included.  Next time there will definitely be some crafts!  Promise.

Miss out on the last three weeks of Pinterest projects?  Check them out: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3.

Lincoln also photo-bombed one of these.  Can you find him?

Grape to see you again

17 Apr

I’ve actually been following through on some of the things I posted about a few weeks ago! ¬†Do you know how good it feels to ACTUALLY get things done you say you’re going to do?

You do, don’t you?

Well, one of the major projects hubs and I have worked on and almost completed is redoing our guest room. ¬†We bought a king size bed recently (yep, we have room for that now!). ¬†So our full size moved into the guest room. ¬†So much better than the two twin beds we had in there. ¬†Along with the bed, went our pretty comforter set. ¬†And I wanted to accent it and bring out the colors in it. ¬†We’re talking tan, brown, some pinks and a little white.

The before

The before

Eric wanted to paint the room green. ¬†I wasn’t going to have that. ¬†So, I won and we went with a color called Vintage Grape from Valspar. ¬†It brings out the colors so well in the comforter! ¬†Here’s some pictures!

Spackle time

Spackle time

I can help too!

I can help too!

Feelin' grapey

Feelin’ grapey

The rest of the walls got painted a nice light cream color. ¬†More pics soon. ¬†My camera died and I haven’t revived it yet.

Pal, let me tell you

10 Oct

See what I did there? ¬†Yeah, I’m punny…

This old, beat-up pallet found a new life as a gorgeous coffee table for our living room.  All it took was a little elbow grease, some TSP-PF, and a good stain.

Hubby found a couple old pallets in the burn pile at work. ¬†We took them to turn them into something great. ¬†We started by scrubbing the pallets with TSP-PF (tri-sodium phosphate-phosphate free). ¬†I followed the directions on the box for the use on mildewed decks. ¬†It worked like a charm! ¬†Be sure to wear gloves when working with this stuff. ¬†I didn’t have any, and nothing bad happened, but sticking your hands in the TSP-PF and bleach isn’t ideal. ¬†On the other hand, my wedding rings were SPARKLY after I was done scrubbing!

We then figured out the height and how we’d put legs on the table. ¬†We kept it simple and just used 2x4s. ¬†Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy! ¬†I believe the height is 17″. ¬†And the size is 48″x48″.

After this we sanded the whole pallet and added a couple 2x4s in the pallet to make sure it would be stable when we added the legs.  We wanted to be able to sit on it if needed.  And no one likes tipping over when they sit down!

After the table was assembled, we stained.  We had started with a lighter color of stain, but ended up using Minwax English Chestnut.  It was a great choice!

It looks great in our living room and as you can see, we’ve already put it to good use!

Lincoln got to spend the afternoon outside with us while we worked.  He recuperated a little differently than we did!

Our living room is getting closer to being done! ¬†I want to build some shelves for the wall behind the love seat and do some painting and then we’re done! ¬†At least with one room.

A rainy sort of day

24 Jul

It’s raining today. ¬†Yippee! ¬†This is only the second time we’ve had a good rain since we’ve moved to Wisconsin. ¬†The grass is turning green; the air has that wonderful rain smell. ¬†It’s a great day to have the windows open and listen to the rain drop onto the leaves and the birds sing a happy song. ¬†It’s also a great reminder that God is in control and will provide for our needs when it’s time. ¬†I’ve had a hard time accepting this over the past year. ¬†And I’m sure I’ll still struggle with it for a while, but I think I’m finally able to move forward.

I’ve tried to control everything in the past few months. ¬†It’s not hard to do. ¬†It’s also not hard to spiral out of control from it as well. ¬†You spin in so many different directions, you don’t know which way you’re going or when/if you’ll ever stop spinning. ¬†It takes a toll on your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. ¬†I’ve probably gained about 45 pounds in the last 10 months. ¬†I haven’t been to church in months; partially because of my control, partially because of the nature of my previous job. ¬†I’ve been happy, sad, and angry. ¬†Mostly the latter two. ¬†But I’m ready to stop taking control. ¬†I’m ready to let go of the hurt that is holding me back. ¬†It’s time to let God take over and provide when it’s time.

I’m lucky to have a great partner to go through this with me. ¬†Eric is my rock and is willing to listen, talk, be still and hold me. ¬†Whatever I need, he’s willing to do. ¬†And it doesn’t hurt to have a cute little puppy dog to snuggle with and rub his ears. ¬†I don’t say thank you enough for all Eric does for me! ¬†So thanks, honey! ¬†I love you!!!!

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