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20 Feb

This week has been one of many discoveries.  I love the image that comes to mind when I hear the word discovery.  I imagine Christopher Columbus sailing across the Atlantic to the New World, a baby putting one foot in front of the other, an almost 30 woman realizing what she wants is to stay home and take care of her hubby and home.

Ok, that last one was about me.  You caught me.  But seriously, I love staying home and taking care of my hubby and turning our house into a home.  I love the freedom of choosing a new daily adventure, whether it’s reading Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, spending time with my aunt and making sewing machine covers, or cleaning the bathroom.  Ok, maybe I don’t love cleaning the bathroom, but it does add variety to my day.  I love trying recipes and finding new favorites.  And spending time with you lovelies.

I’ve also rediscovered my love of reading.  I’ve always loved reading and have been a pretty avid reader most of my life.  But recently, I had fallen off the wagon and maybe read two books last year.  Two! MAYBE!!  This rediscovery is partially due to me new toy – a Nook HD.  My brother won it and didn’t want it, so lucky me!  I’ve been wanting a tablet or something for over a year.  Like I said, I love trying new recipes and a lot of them come from Pinterest.  I hated lugging my computer into the kitchen, so this was the main reason for wanting something else.  Who knew this Nook would get me reading again.  I LOVE that I can check out books from the library system.  It’s going to keep me busy for a long while.

And I love crafting.  Especially sewing and quilting.  But the discovery I made this week is that I’m afraid to jump off and try new things.  I would love to learn to sew clothes, but I’m terrified I’m going to suck at it.  Or ruin something.  And I wish I would have asked my great grandmother to teach me.  She’s made a ton of clothes!  But, I have a couple projects I need to do, so hopefully that will motivate me and get me to step out of my comfort zone.  And I’m sure everything will turn out fine, it’s just the initial jump.

I also miss my friends terribly.  I feel as though I’m drifting away from some of them.  I’m not sure what it is, but it’s not a good feeling.  I don’t live near most of them, in fact some live half way across the country.  But that’s never been an issue before.  Sure, we didn’t see each other all the time, but we’d talk on the phone.  And no matter how long we would go without talking, we’d always pick up where we left off.  But it feels like something has changed and I’m not sure what to do.  Any advice?

Phew…what a week.  So many discoveries.  And probably some I can’t remember off the top of my head.  I love the feeling of discovering something, or rediscovering something.  It makes everything new, even if it’s something you’ve been doing forever.

Here’s to making discoveries everyday!


2014: Whatcha got in store?

2 Jan

Oh, it’s that time of year again.  A time for hope, a time for setting goals, a time for feeling good about a new year starting.

Already into the 2nd day of January and I’m feeling hopeful about all the possibilities this year holds.  All the things I want to do.  All the things I want to see.  So, so many things…Let’s start with all the ramblings in my head…

There are the typical goals I want to achieve:

1. Lose weight

2. Read more

3. Spend more time with God

4. Save more money

Then there are the more personal goals:

1. Be healthy – body, mind and spirit

2. Learn new things

3. Do one of my Pinterest projects everyday

4. Write a children’s book

5. And of course, spend more time with you lovelies.

These are all completely attainable goals.  But how do we keep the high of setting these goals?  How do we remember what these goals are and do them everyday?  How do we roll into December 31, 2014 saying, “Hey, I had a great year!  Look what I did!”?  Because, lets be honest, most people don’t do any or very few of the goals they set at the New Year.  How do we become one of the few to succeed?  Let’s keep each other accountable and make 2014 great!

Less and More

4 Oct

A couple weeks ago I pinned an interesting looking blog series called “31 Days of Less & More”.  I really didn’t think much of it at the time and pushed it to the back of my mind.  Earlier today, I was on Facebook and a dear friend posted about the series and her blog post about Day 2.  As I read my friend’s post, I couldn’t stop my heart from jumping and my eyes from crying.

Day 2 is all about fear.  What we’re afraid of.  Why we’re afraid.  And what it means to be brave.  And it didn’t take me long to realize the feelings I’ve been having lately are almost all fear-related.

I decided to quit my job at the bank and stay at home.  It was great for the first week.  I didn’t feel the dread of having to get up at 5:30 am, be to work by 7:30 am and then spend the next 11 hours in an environment where I felt I didn’t help anyone with anything.  Sure, I ran people’s transactions and gave them their money, but it was not filling me.  I missed pouring myself into people.  And saw the opportunity to do that if I left the bank.  I could pour myself into my husband and our youth group.  I could pour myself into Lincoln and getting us healthy.  But as the days drifted on, less was getting done and I was feeling worse about leaving my job.

So now, let me tell you about my biggest fear: Not being able to have children.  And not just being able to give birth, but also not being able to ever adopt or foster.  And this fear lends itself to so many other fears.  Not being a good enough wife, not being a good enough person.  And when these fears weigh on me, I get sad and probably a little depressed.  And that just makes facing your fears even harder.

But the best part about this series is the encouraging “more” part.  Day 2 is also about courage.  Not just the, I’m-going-to-go-sky-diving-and-bungee-jumping, kind of courage.  The everyday, I’m-going-to-make-myself-better, kind of courage.  Which I think is sometimes harder.

How do I take my fear and become more courageous with it?  The answer to that question just leads to more fear.  Because, in all honesty, the hubs and I should probably start by going to see a doctor about not being able to conceive.  And that is TERRIFYING!  But it would also lead to starting on a path to getting answers.  And yes, they may be answers we don’t want to hear.  But we can then start the process of moving forward in whatever direction is best.

And until the hubs and I decide to move forward, I’ll tackle other smaller fears.  Like blogging.  Does anyone really read what’s going on here?  Would anyone care about the little things I love discovering and trying?  I guess I’ll never know until I try.  So come snuggle with me in my full size bed.  It’s bound to be a roller coaster of a ride!

A little bit of this…

1 Aug

Hello again, blog world!

I’m back, yet again, from another of my blog hiatuses.  There have been so many things going on and many of them very bloggable (is this a word?  it should be…).  But yet, nothing coming from this girl.

Well, shall we start again?  Will you still be my friend?

This morning I decided to make homemade chicken broth.  And then homemade vegetable broth.  And now both are cooking and the house smells wonderful.  Although, it smells more like Thanksgiving and fall than August 1 and summertime.  I’m ok with that.

It’s funny what thoughts and memories smells can evoke.  Right now I wish I were bundled up in blankets, sipping hot chocolate and watching Little Women (it’s my favorite wintertime movie).  But I’ll take the beautiful sunshine-filled, cool summer days while I can get them!

The broth smell also got me thinking about what I want to be when I grow up.  There have been many a thought about this over the past few months.  I’m currently a bank teller.  A job I never thought I’d have, but am ok with for now.  But is banking a career option for me?  Is it something I want to do moving forward in life?

Lately, I’ve been leaning towards being a stay-at-home wife and hopefully, mother, someday.  I absolutely love the thought of staying home and taking care of kids and my hubby.  And making our house a home and baking our own bread and making our own broths and jams and all the other hundreds of things running through my head.

I want to take charge of our health and move us into eating more wholly and keeping us active.  I want to keep our high school youth group active and engaged.  I want to read more and watch less t.v.  I want to learn the piano and can’t wait to start playing my new-to-me clarinet.  I want to fish and hunt with my hubby and really connect with the earth and all she has to offer.  I want to grow my own vegetables.

Ok, those were a few other things running through my head.

I have faith I can do all the things I want.  I grew up in a house where we canned and hunted and made our own maple syrup.  What’s stopping me from continuing the great things I was taught as a child (even though, most of the time, I really didn’t care to participate back then)?  What is it about myself that holds back on the things I really want?  Am I so afraid to say, this is what will make me happy?  Am I still trying to please everyone else, that I don’t know what it means to please myself?  It may be time to take a stand and work for what I want and for what will make me happy.

After all, I did get that wonderful husband I hoped and prayed for.  And with him by my side, I can do anything.

Hey there

12 Mar

Oh, hey there, blog world.  It’s been a while!  I haven’t forgotten about you.  Just been a bit neglectful.  I’ll try to do better.

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately about things that have been happening over the past few months.  And I remember I posted this list a while ago:

1.  Lose 20 pounds by Thanksgiving (no, I won’t put it back on over the holidays!)  I didn’t quite lose the weight by Thanksgiving, but I have lost some.

2.  Finish projects that are half done

3.  Start (and finish!) projects I have the materials for

4.  Eat more fruits and vegetables

5.  Read at lease one book every two weeks

6.  Try a new recipe once a week

7.  Start figuring out and making Christmas gifts.  I’ve decided it’s going to be a homemade Christmas this year.

8.  Apply for 5 jobs every two weeks.  I’m not ready to do just any job, so 5 every couple weeks seems manageable.

9.  See a doctor about my depression

10.  Blog at least twice a week

11.  Learn ways to cut back on our spending

12.  Get involved and stay active in our church

13.  Craft, craft, craft!

This was a good list for then.  I’ve actually done some of the things on this list.  But it’s time for a new one.  There may be some similar items listed, or at least some modifications.

1.  Get moving!  The hubs and I have a gym membership, which I’m ashamed to say, we hardly ever use.

2.  Start eating a diet with more whole foods.  Get rid of most of the processed crap we eat.  We’ve gotten better, but it’s time to take it to the next level.

3.  Read more.  I love reading, but it seems I’ve forgotten that.  I’ll take suggestions!

4.  Stay involved at church.  We’ve found a great congregation to be part of, but we get in the mode of it’s-so-far-away-and-we’re-lazy-so-lets-not-go-today.  We really enjoy our excuses around here.

5.  Keep crafting.  I’ve gotten so much done over the past few months and have many more things to do over the next few.

6.  Work on the house, one room/project at a time.  There’s so much we want to do.  It’s time to get some of it done.

7.  Do devotions with my wonderful husband.  We talk about this all the time, but we actually NEED to DO it.

Sounds like a good plan.  I need to start doing these things.  I WILL start doing these things.  I should probably stop writing and starting doing.

Hello world!

5 May

Welcome to Life in a Full Size Bed!  A blog about love, life, finding inspiration, faith, and so much more.  All in less than 500 square feet.

So, snuggle up under your nice warm covers and stay awhile.

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