11 Jul

Have you ever felt like everything you expected to happen didn’t?  I’ve been in that boat for the last week or so.  And it seems the boat just kept spinning and I was about ready to throw up.  But we’re getting back on track and the motion sickness is easing.

When we made the decision to leave Idaho, there were so many expectations of what would happen.  Eric and I would get to spend more time together. I’d get to take the summer off and figure out what the next steps were.  I’d be able to read and sew and craft and bake.  We’d get new furniture and decorate the house the way we want.

Some of these expectations were reasonable.  Eric and I do spend more time together.  I am taking the summer off.  Some of these expectations are a little less attainable at this time.  We can’t just go out and buy new furniture.  We need money for that – so here’s to saving pennies!

There have also been un-expectations.  I didn’t think I’d miss Idaho as much as I do.  The beautiful lake and mountains.  The national forest.  The job of serving.  But it’s the people I miss the most.  The guests who host their family reunions.  The summer staff who are always smiling.  The co-workers who are also neighbors and good friends.  The babies being born.  The endless games of Settlers of Catan.  It’s these things that made Idaho great!  It’s these things that bring tears to my eyes.  I expected to miss Idaho, but not to the extent I do.  But it’s good to know there will always be people there who love us and who we love.  It will always be home.

And now it’s time to make a new home.  A new place to love.  It helps when it’s a place we feel called to be.  Where I feel called to be.  So here’s to new adventures and letting expectations grow and change!

One Response to “Unexpected”

  1. Diny July 11, 2012 at 9:26 pm #

    New Beginnings always come with feelings of joy and sorrow. You are fortunate to have made such good friends and planted some roots in Idaho. And now the time to plant is here again – one of Grandma’s favorite sayings is “Bloom where you are planted”! And so you shall – as you begin to set your roots down again in a very good place you are called to be a part of. Warm wishes for happy planting!
    Aunt Diny

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