Half Way Home

3 Jun

It’s 7:30 am Central Standard Time.  That’s right, we’re finally in the Central Time Zone!  But I can’t help but think what time it is back in Idaho and that I’d hopefully still be sleeping there.  It’s also going to take some getting used to the fact that I’m no longer 3 hours behind friends in Maryland, 2 hours behind family in the Midwest and 1 hour behind my brother in New Mexico.  I LOVE being in Central Time!

We had a bit of a rough start to our journey.  We had planned to leave at 7:00 am on June 1.  We didn’t roll out of camp until 10:00 am; at least we made it out on June 1 (it was iffy for a while).  First, we didn’t have everything packed yet.  Most everything was in boxes, but not in the moving truck.  And we still had to clean.  I’ll miss our 432 square foot cabin for this reason – it takes no time to clean!  And then, there’s the trailer for our truck…

Eric didn’t think it would take long to get the truck on the trailer.  And it shouldn’t have taken long.  He knew exactly what needed to be done.  And he did.  The stupid trailer wouldn’t cooperate.

First, our truck is a little finicky.  But he got it most of the way on the trailer and only needed to go about 10 more inches, when CRASH!  A ramp fell out from under one side of the truck.  Holy *&$#!  The truck was fine and lucky for us we had some friends helping who jumped right in and got the ramp back under the truck.  We got it situated and were putting the ratchet straps around the tires and discovered they were too small.  You’ve got to be kidding me!  We started letting air out of the front tires and the straps finally went around.  Needless to say, we were totally stressed and I was at a breaking point.  But Eric got us going and we made it to Billings, MT our first day.  Exactly where we were going.

Nothing major happened on our drive yesterday.  It was actually very relaxing until we were about 2 hours from our destination and I was exhausted!  I had a few moments of, what the hell are we doing?  Why did we decide to do this?  What happens when we get to WI?  Eric was again on calming-me-down duty and we made it to Aberdeen, SD.  Exactly where we were going.

It’s now almost 8:00 am, and we have a much shorter day today.  We’re only going about 200 miles.  My cousin graduates and we get to see family!  It’ll be a great stopping point today.  And then off we go to WI tomorrow.  Stay tuned to see if we make! :o)


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