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The Final Countdown

31 May

We’re a little less than 24 hours away from hitting the road!  I can’t believe we move TOMORROW!  The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of figuring out our next adventure and where it’s taking us.  I’m so happy and at peace with the decisions we’ve made.

We pick up the moving truck in a couple hours along with last minute things we need for our trip.  It’s been crazy watching our lives go into boxes and it’ll be crazy watching the boxes go into the truck.

Last night we got to spend time with the people who have made life joyous for us here.  It was a great time of celebration with everyone.  We will miss everyone here and love them more than words can say.  We’ve had a wonderful adventure here and Idaho will always have a special place in our hearts!  It is where our happiest and saddest moments have happened.  And it will always be a place we call home.

But enough blubbering…on with the day!  The Final Countdown has begun!


2 Days

30 May

We’re down to our 2 day countdown!  I can’t believe we leave on Friday!  Besides a small pile of boxes in our cabin, you’d probably think we weren’t moving at all.  Thank goodness for Eric’s truck to hide the packed boxes…otherwise we may have had to build a fort!  Oh, shoot!  Why didn’t I think of that before?

I don’t think I’ll be making any lists today.  I need a day to just get things done and mentally check them off.  We have so much to do in the next 2 days, I’m hoping I’ll be able to de-clutter my brain as we go along.

It’s now 6:45 am and I’m ready to hit the day running…so here I go!

Countdown cont.

29 May

Well, yesterday was productive, but not as productive as planned.  We did get some things packed and ready to go, but not as much as we had hoped.  I also wasn’t able to wash quilts because most of the washers aren’t working!  BAH!  But, not going to let any of that get us down…onto day 2 of the countdown!

  • Continue packing…it’s amazing what you can fit in a 432 square foot cabin!
  • Make more banana bread…I had WAY more bananas than I thought…
  • Pack the bedroom
  • Continue washing random camp laundry
  • Go to town (Costco, post office, grocery store, etc.)
  • Plan food for our trip

Alright, enough sitting on the couch!  Let the day begin!


28 May

We are moving in 4 days!  Aaahhhhhh!!!!!!!

There is so much to do before we leave, both at work and at home.  My brain has been a big jumble of everything.  Yesterday we moved the packed boxes to the back of our truck, freeing up space in the house and my head.  It’s amazing how a cluttered house can add to the cluttered mind.

As we countdown the days until we hit the road, I’ve made lists of things we need to get done.  On today’s docket:

  • Continue washing quilts and other random camp laundry
  • Make banana bread
  • Pack more boxes
  • Wash our comforter and pack
  • Plan our trip to Wisconsin

Unfortunately, my lists tend to grow when I remember more of what needs to be done.  Stay tuned for an update on what actually happens…

Lincoln Dog

28 May

Something a little less heavy!

This little guy is our 4 year old beagle – Lincoln.  I get lots of compliments on his name.  Most people think he’s named for his copper color and resemblance to a penny.  Only a few know the real story behind his name.

I got Lincoln in October 2008.  A co-worker was getting a dog and I decided it was also time to have a pal.  We poured over the internet for beagles.  We talked about how much we wanted to spend, how far we’d drive to get them, and names.  We tried to come up with fun names for these lovable animals, but we couldn’t come up with anything good.  Until we thought about our favorite movies and TV shows.  BAM!  All sorts of fun names!  Ok, there were still some upsets with our favorite movies and shows, but eventually we waded through all the ordinary.

Mr. Lincoln Dog is named after a character from Prison BreakLincoln Burrows.  This character is framed and sent to death row for crimes he didn’t commit.  His brother decides to break him out of prison and clear his name.  Now, my Lincoln has never been framed for anything, but he has escaped – from the house, his collar, a hand holding his leash.  And that’s about where the similarities end.  Oh, and they’re both very cute!


22 May

Life has been full of ups and downs over the past year.  I met and married my best friend, made the big decision to move to Wisconsin, stood up with my brother at his wedding, found out I was pregnant and had a miscarriage.  So many things and only so much of me to go around.

While making our decision to move back to the Midwest, everything was jumbled together.  Stress from work, not seeing my hubby enough, and the grief of our loss all weighed on me and I wasn’t able to separate which feelings went with which situation.  While we met with our pastor to figure things out, she helped me realize that our loss was not part of the situation directly in front of me.  This made me see where I still needed healing and what I could take control of and change.

Our pregnancy was not planned.  In fact, we did everything we could to prevent it.  But when the two pink lines showed up on the test, we knew life would never be the same.  We were going to have a baby.  We were going to have to be responsible for the little life we had made.  We were going to be mommy and daddy.  We were scared and excited.

The day we found out is pretty much a blur.  I did the test right away in the morning.  I had to wake up Eric to tell him the news.  I know I did a second test sometime that day to confirm the first one.  The only thing that really stands out in my mind from that day is feeling my baby attach to me.  Physically attach.  It’s one of the most amazing feelings I’ve ever had.  It made the whole thing real.  There was an itty, bitty baby securing itself to me; holding on for life.

The next weeks were crazy!  Work was insane.  There were groups coming in and out, kids running around camp, and numerous things that needed to get done.  I was trying to make sure everyone had what they needed, when they needed it.  I was trying to get as much rest as possible and eat the best that I could.  There is only one moment of morning sickness that really stands out.  Otherwise, it seemed to be a good start to a pregnancy.

The spotting started around my 7th week.  It was a Friday afternoon, and I was getting everything ready for the various groups coming in for the weekend.  I stopped to use the bathroom and discovered the spotting.  Tears started to well up in my eyes.  I went home and called the clinic.  I was told to go the ER and get checked.  A good friend took me to the hospital and waited with me until Eric got there (he was a good hour away).  We spent the next 5 hours in the ER, mostly waiting, to figure out what was going on.  It was about 11 pm when I’d finally had enough and told the nurse I was leaving in the next half hour if someone didn’t come tell us what was going on.  The doctor was there within 10 minutes with basically no information.  We were sent home to monitor the situation.

The bleeding became worse on Saturday.  I once again called the clinic and was told to rest and not do much.  The hospital called later that day and said the pregnancy test I’d take at the hospital was negative, but they wanted to do a blood test to confirm.  This would be the 2nd blood test in 2 days.  We found out later that evening, that yes, I was pregnant.  But the bleeding continued.  We somehow got through the rest of the weekend.  Monday rolled in and still bleeding.  We called the clinic again and I went in for another blood test.  We wouldn’t find out the results until my appointment on Tuesday – an appointment that had been scheduled shortly after we found out we were pregnant.  An appointment which should have been affirming life, but instead confirmed our biggest fear.  We had miscarried.

The rest of that week is also a blur.  We kept busy with other things that needed to get done, but didn’t do much else.  We held each other, cried together and decided to name our little baby – Emily Parker.  No, we didn’t know the sex of the baby, but Eric had a feeling it was a girl.  Giving our baby a name has been one of the best things we’ve done.  It’s also been one of the hardest.  I don’t think I’ve said her name out loud more than once.  But giving her a name acknowledges her life.

And although there is still pain, healing is happening.  And we know Emily is being taken care of in a better place.

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